Route Planner

Route Planner

Where should we be without a route planner? Perhaps in our own town or city we know the best way to come there. But we often need a map. And with this map plan our route.

This website wants to do a lot of the hard work. You type in the place where you start and want to end and the routeplanner shows the best way to get there. By car, train, bus, bike …

Below you see a Routeplanner that can be used almost anywhere in this world:


MapQuest is one of the best routeplanners in the USA. It is very easy to use it. You can even put it as an app on your smartphone. Click Here to go to the MapQuest page…

ANWB service routeplannerANWB Routeplanner

In the small but very populated country of the Netherlands the ANWB Routeplanner is most used. The ANWB started as a repairing service for bikes. Still many people use their bikes, but more and more are using their car. Also for small trips.

The density of railroads in the Netherlands is the highest in Europe, but people are more and more addicted to their car. Click Here to go to the ANWB page on this website, or go directly to the ANWB by clicking Here.

Google Maps

Google Maps is being used both as a great route planner and as a chart for all the places, rivers and whatever you want to know about planet earth. Click Here to directly go to the page of this famous route planner and chart-tool.



9292OV is a very popular routeplanner for the public transport in the Netherlands. It gives you advice what means of transport to use from “door to door.”

You get time schedules and see what platform your train is arriving and when the boat to an island leaves. Even the price of the tickets is shown. Click Here to go to the webpage of this site.


What do You think is the best routeplanner and why? Please write it down below.

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  1. Marten
    14/03/2014 at 10:11

    Yes, just made one. So you can put your suggestios there, if you want. Thanks for your help.

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