ANWB Routeplanner

ANWB Routeplanner

The ANWB Routeplanner is most popular in the Netherlands. They started as a repairing service for bikes in 1883. They evolved as service for other vehicles too. Nowadays they repair bikes, cars, company vehicles, motorbikes, mopeds and other motor driven vehicles.

Because they are a service they also do many other things, like making traffic signs and, of course, maps. Today they changed from CD’s with a route planner to the famous online ANWB Routeplanner.

With the ANWB Route Planner you can plan your route for your car, with the public transport, for cycling and even for walking. The Route Planner above does work very well and gives you clear directions. (It helps a lot if you make use of the suggestions when typing the addresses.)        

anwb routeplanner carBooking Holidays

You can even book holidays within Europe and travel by car or train. Plan a trip wth hotels, or with a car and go from camping to camping. For members everything is a little bit cheaper and you can still have your car repaired.  

Easy Route Planner

The routeplanner below is really handy. It helps you to plan your trip. It works fantastic in the US, UK, Canada, all Europe, China, Russia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Egypt and many more. In the Settings you can select the travel mode. Have a GREAT trip…


The ANWB does of course have insurance for your car, but also for travel by car, bike or whatever vehicle.

Second hand Cars

You can get advice when you want to buy a second hand car. They check it and give advice for a reasonable price. They have overviews from the most cars what is a fair price for a certain age.

Overview Actual traffic

Below you find on a small scale the actual traffic situation in the Netherlands:  

Free time

When you are free you can also use all kinds of products of the ANWB. They make great maps for biking tours in the Nethlands, or a boat trip along the Rhine river, or they provide you with a test for the best walking shoes for hills.

The ANWB shows the best zoo in the neighbourhood and gives a discount on the tickets. They do affect the life of every inhabitant of the small kingdom of the Netherlands almost every day.

Because of the warm winter in the Netherlands there were 28% less traffic jams in January 2014 than in January 2013.

Free ANWB App Download

The ANWB has a free ‘ANWB Onderweg’ app that has a lot of handy features. All in 1 single App:

- Traffic Information: where are the traffic jams;

- Public transport time schedules;

- Carpooling;

- Finding the cheapest Parking places;

- The location of the cheapest gas stations in your area;

- ANWB Car service, for problems with your car;

- More help.

Click HERE to go directly to the ANWB free App download page.The app is available for Android and iPhone.

The ANWB Routeplanner, what else do you need to find your Way?

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