Google Maps

Google Maps

Who has not heard about it! That ‘s almost impossible. It ‘s the most used routeplanner on earth. At least the most used map. Google maps has more features, but these two are the most important ones.

You can watch maps as from a satellite so it is in colors or as a normal chart with roads, rivers et cetera. Google Maps is a fantastic tool to discover the world!


google earthGoogle Earth

Google Earth is a great plugin to play with. You first have to download and install this plugin into your browser. Then you can go and play with it.

To view the traffic on a 45 degrees angle or to look at a your new house from all directions. Or to take a look at the beach from your holiday destination. Many things are possible …


Google Maps

Route Planner

You can use Google Maps as a route planner very well. Long ago I bought cd’s with maps and planned my route to a far away friend. Now I use always Google Maps. The tomtom in my car I never use, because there are so many changes that for me it is easier to plan my route at home. Print it out and take it with me.


public transport trainPublic Transport

With Google Maps you can also plan your route with the public transport. In some countries it is working very well, but in many it is being improved by Google.

When it does function as intended you can plan you route just as a car route. You type in the starting point for your train and your place of arrival. Then you can choose between different starting times and you see how long the trip will last and where you have to change on what platform to take another train.


Indoor Google Maps

With Indoor Google Maps you don’t have to get lost in big public buildings. You can put it as an app on your smartphone and now you can see in many big buildings and airports how you have to go to the place where you want to be.

You now can look around inside a bagel shop to see if it is something for you. If you own a business you can upload an inside view of one or more of your floors for Indoor Google Maps.


Great Guide

THIS is a great and clear guide how to use Google Maps. There are 2 options:

- the older one which is where the most of us are familiar with;

- the newer one, who can be accustomed to your wishes.

Click HERE for help for a mobile version of Google Maps like Android, iPhone and iPad or other devices.


If you use Google Maps for a specific use, please write it down. We like to hear about it and gather all kinds of uses of this super route planner.

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