MapQuest Route Planner

MapQuest Route Planner

The MapQuest route planner is one of the best route planners in the USA. And widely used. You type in the starting place and the place of arrival and choose to go by car or plane.

You can even make a choice if you want to have the shortest route or travel in the shortest time.

In the place where you want to arrive you can make a booking for a hotel.

The route is being displayed and you can print it or email it to someone. Almost everything is being done for you.



new-church-delft-netherlands routeplannerandmapsTravel booking

You can do even travel booking. Type the name of the town of arrival or airport and MapQuest will find a lot of hotels. Also in other countries, but then the choice is more limited.


Mobile apps

Click HERE for MapQuest’s free apps for your iPhone, Android or Windows 8 smartphone. So you can always check out your route.


MapQuest Route Planner

If you live in the USA or almost any other place in this World, you can use the Mapquest Directions route planner. And use another Famous MapQuest Route Planner to get the Shortest and Fastest Routes.

Gas Prices

MapQuest does offer the locations of the cheapest gas prices for you. Put in the name of a city and it will find it for you.

MapQuest Directions

Tried to find if there is a difference between MapQuest Directions and  MapQuest Route Planner. But cannot find one. If you know it, please write it down below.

MapQuest Directions


and Click Here for MapQuest Directions in a New Window.

MapQuest Directions is often being used to show the way to a predefined point, for instance your business address or a stadium. You input where you are at that moment and you instantly get the route to where you want to go to.
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The travel blogs are real fun! You are free to join and tell your own travel story. You may upload photos, videos and whatever you like. Share it with your friends and let them know what happened in some place far away …

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